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Blue Carbon: Why it is important

Approximately 33 billion metric tonnes of carbon have been stored in the blue carbon ecosystems today, which, besides carbon sequestration, also provides various benefits and services. These are important for climate change adaptation along the coast globally.

RC Parida & HS Fatesingh
Brick versus Mud Environment-friendly Houses

The mud walls are also equally environment friendly. Unlike the ones made of bricks and cement, these are good insulators against heat and electricity.

Ramesh Chandra Parida & Pranab Kumar Ghosh
Tropical Root and Tuber Crops: Treasures from the Soil

Though these are vital subsistence crops for small-scale farmers and tribal communities, they are primary raw materials for many large-scale industries. Like the treasures buried underground, the tuber crops store their food in the underground storage organs, especially the roots.

ST Parvathy & SS Amma
The Phantom of the Mind

Delve into the fiction in which a young girl unravel the conspiracy — where every human on earth could be controlled and manipulated at the click of a button. 

Sanah Kumar
A Tiny Fish Loud as a Gunshot

Despite its miniature dimensions, the fish harbours a rich behavioural repertoire and maintains optical transparency into adulthood, rendering it an invaluable subject for neuroscience exploration.

Pitamber Kaushik
Sustainable Land Management Harmonising Human Needs with Ecology

The World Environment Day 2024 theme focuses on “Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience”. Land restoration by sustainable land management plays a significant role in balancing ecological conservation and socioeconomic development. 

Manish Kumar Singh
Interference of Invasive Species on Achieving SDGs in India

It is time to rethink the current structure and the importance of a separate agency to address the IAS issue in India to prevent biodiversity and economic loss and ensure the food security of the nation, which is directly connected with SDG 2 (zero hunger

S Sandilyan
The Story of India’s Indelible Ink A testament to the power of science in service of society

The story of the indelible ink is a reminder that science serves society and democracy. As long as elections are held, the indelible ink will continue to play its crucial role, ensuring that every vote counts and every voice is heard.

Gir! The Last Bastion of Asiatic Lions

The Asiatic lions were once widely distributed in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, the Arabian peninsula, Asia Minor and Turkey. However, they have vanished from almost all these habitats and now confined to the Western part of India and protected in the Gir Sanctuary

Amit Prasad
Healthy Planet, Healthy Lives

The oceans are in a critical state as increasing marine pollution, acidification, oceanic warming, eutrophication, etc., are worsening their health.

Sonali Nagar

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