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Disease knows no boundaries, and borders are porous to disease Transboundary Animal Diseases from an Indian Perspective

These diseases are extremely worrisome as they threaten our domestic animals, human health, and the environment; besides, they also cause enormous economic losses.

AAP Milton, D Bhargavi, K Srinivas, GB Priya, S Das, S Ghatak
OBITUARY — Arno Penzias, who provided a smoking gun proof of the Big Bang Theory

Experimental confirmation of the Big Bang theory is among the most critical findings of the 20th century.

P.K. Mukherjee
Vigyanika: Science Literature Festival, IISF 2023

The two-day Festival witnessed insightful discussions, workshops, scientific sessions, and student engagement activities, successfully accomplishing its primary objective to facilitate in-depth discussions and dialogues for effective science communication.

SP Lakshmi, Raghul MR, Charu Lata & P Barman
A Look at Animals

Test Your Knowledge: A Look at Animals

P. Dharani
Wildlife keeps balance in ecosystems vital to support life on earth…

In light of the theme for World Wildlife Day 2024, the Science Reporter’s March 2024 issue focuses on wildlife, covering various aspects associated with wild species.

Prof. Ranjana Aggarwal
Innovation in Action: Harnessing Technology for Wildlife Conservation in India

The WWD2024 seeks to raise awareness about digital conservation tools and foster intergenerational exchange and youth empowerment in wildlife conservation.

Neha Tripathi
YUVIKA: ISRO Announces Young Scientist Programme 2024

ISRO has chalked out this programme to “Catch them young”, recognising their potential to excel in space science and technology, and these young minds represent the future building blocks of our nation.

Urban Area Development and Wildlife Conservation

Urban wildlife conservation aims to create, conserve, and maintain places for species that people’s use of the land would otherwise displace.

Kannan Vaithianathan
Let’s Know more about Camelids

Test Your Knowledge: Let’s Know more about Camelids

R Singh, M Kumari, P Gupta & MS Mahesh


Aryan Menon

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World Wildlife Day 2024 Special

Innovation in Action

Harnessing Technology for Wildlife Conservation in India


  • Urban Area Development and Wildlife Conservation
  • Transboundary Animal Diseases
  • Snakebites - a neglected healthcare problem in India
  • Snake Eating Birds
  • Tribute to Radio Astronomer Arno Allen Penzias
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