S&T Governance
Managing Time Zones

It’s an interesting phenomenon how time is managed with very high precision and accuracy around the globe, maintaining all the clocks in sync to avoid any kind of loss.

Meher Wan
Regulating Dangerous Decibels

Noise pollution is an invisible peril and the public worldwide is not yet aware of the negative effects of long term noise exposure.

Meher Wan
Mercury Thermometers are out of the market, Why!

The accuracy of the mercury thermometers is excellent and highly respectable in the scientific world. Besides, mercury thermometers are cheaper than other kinds of new thermometers. What then is the reason behind the disappearance of the mercury thermometers from the market?

Meher Wan
Tackling a Pandemic of Biomedical Waste

The COVID-19 treating hospitals, quarantine centres, healthcare facilities and self/home quarantine are still producing a huge amount of bio-medical waste that must be treated carefully and responsibly.

Meher Wan
Industrial Trans Fatty Acids and Regulations in India

Creating infrastructure for sampling, testing and reporting of industrial Trans Fatty Acids in foods will play a major role in making India compliant to the World Health Organization’s Global Elimination of Trans Fats goal by the year 2023.

Birendra Kumar Paliwal & Meher Wan
Development, Testing & Regulation of a Vaccine

Vaccines are biological materials designed to generate active immunity against a particular disease.

Meher Wan
Battling Pandemics

No pandemic can be overcome without making the people aware about the intricacies of the infection, its consequences and the importance of their collective social behaviour.

Divyansh Pandey & Meher Wan