Book Review
We need them, they will do much better without us

A well explained and in depth review of ‘‘Survival at Stake — How Our Treatment of Animals Is Key to Human’’.

G. Venkatesh
All You Want To Know About The Moon

The book is an exciting read that answers various puzzling questions about the moon.

Rohit Kataria
To spurn, burn or return…that is the concern Review of Wasteland by Oliver Franklin-Wallis

The book, when read from cover to cover, is likely to not just make readers wonder and ponder, but also motivate them to not blunder and squander.

G. Venkatesh
I see the world through other ‘eyes’ Review of ‘An Immense World’ by Ed Yong

An Immense World by Ed Yong — a ‘magic-suffused’ 13-chaptered, 450-pager — may appeal a little more to the scientifically-inclined, considering that Yong is essentially a Pulitzer-Prize-winning science writer.

G Venkatesh
Textbook of Pteridophytes

An interesting attribute of this book is that it is student-friendly as the language used is simple, easily understandable and with lucid sentences.

Monika Koul
Bhabha through the eyes of his contemporaries

The book is a valuable document on the history of science in India, and a great contribution of SPK Gupta who has authored well-researched biographies of Indian scientists Y Subbarow and KS Ramayya in the past.

Dinesh C. Sharma
Be Safe! Prevention is better than Cure

“Prevention is better than cure” has never been more true than the times we live in.

Reviewed by Sonali Nagar
Science Fiction – Imagining the Future

Indian Science Fiction: The Space Cuckoo and Other Stories.

Meher Wan
Mystery of Time Travel

Mystery of Time Travel is a popular science book that presents the complexities of time travel in very simple terms.

Meher Wan
Developmental Journey of Propulsion Systems in India

The book is focused around the development of propulsion technologies used in launch vehicles and satellite systems and which are very important components of space systems.

Meher Wan