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The International Day of Light celebration at Aligarh

The International Day of Light is established to promote the benefits of light-based technologies and to emphasise their role in advancing sustainable development and improving quality of life.

BP Singh and Jai Prakash
We need them, they will do much better without us

A well explained and in depth review of ‘‘Survival at Stake — How Our Treatment of Animals Is Key to Human’’.

G. Venkatesh
Fates Intertwined

Delve into the world of fiction where a guest from a different planet visits earth and explore the nature of earth and human behaviour.

G Srivani
Comprehending the Intelligent Cichlids

There are a few criteria that scientists use to measure the intelligence of fish. These include problem-solving abilities, social behaviour, learning and memory, and the ability to adapt to changing environments

Sagarika Chaudhuri
High Altitude Platform Vehicle Redefines Aerial Surveillance

With the ability to operate for extended durations at high altitudes powered by renewable energy sources, HAPs herald a new era in aerospace advancement, bridging the gap between conventional UAVs and satellites.

Revolutionising Industries The Power and Potential of Biomanufacturing

At the heart of propelling the bioeconomy forward lies the pivotal concept of biomanufacturing — harnessing the power of biological systems to craft products for the market.

Deo Prakash Chaturvedi
AI Revolutionising Drug Discovery: A Scientific Perspective

AI can advance drug repurposing and help tailor pharmaceutical agent design. These applications underscore AI’s pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of drug development processes.

Himanshu Jain
TERI commemorates World Environment Day with a Felicitation Ceremony for Winners of GO4Youth

GREEN Olympiad, one of the leading flagship programmes of TERI, is designed innovatively to test students’ knowledge levels regarding environmental and sustainable development issues.

Monmi Barua, Taru Mehta and LK Kahlon
Dyanamic Future of the Fuel Cells: From Earth to Mars

For further exploration of Mars & to meet our energy needs there, especially in terms of electricity, fuel cells are easy to carry or develop which provide high efficiency with catalysts from the metal present on Mars.

Surbhi Dahiya
The First Science Museum and Planetarium of the CSIR

Read the captivating story of first science museum and planetarium.

Jayanta Sthanapati

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ISRO’s Gaganyaan Mission

Exploring India’s Space Goals


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