Exploring the Ocean Depths with C-Bot An Aid in Marine Conservation

Bhaviri Raja Gopal


Oceans are truly magnificent; they can be chaotic and agitated at times, yet beneath the surface, they are always serene. Their depths hold many treasure troves of knowledge waiting to be discovered. Life on Earth, as we know it, might have crawled onto the surface of Earth from the vast depths of these oceans over 4 billion years ago. Known as the “Primordial Soup” hypothesis, it suggests that the early Earth’s oceans, rich in essential chemicals and minerals, provided the perfect environment for the formation of organic molecules.

Over millions of years, these molecules evolved into the first simple life form, thriving in nutrient-rich waters. From these humble beginnings, life gradually diversified and adapted to various environments, eventually spreading to land and air. Even today, the oceans remain teeming with diverse life forms…read more on NOPR