The Phantom of the Mind

Sanah Kumar


Anna was excited. It was the last day of school, and the summer vacations were about to begin. She looked forward to spending the last summer before college with her friends and having the time of her life. She would go to the movies, shop, and there was too much to do, and she was short on time. ‘Hey, Anna! Excited for the vacation?’ asked Kelsea, her best friend. ‘You know I am!’ replied Anna. ‘Well, we better get going; otherwise, we’ll be late for the launch party!’ Kelsea chimed in. It was the global launch day for a new technology that Anna’s father’s company had been working on. When she’d asked her Dad about what they were working on, he’d said, ‘Just wait and watch Anna, it’s going to change the world’ in a cryptic way. Since that day, Anna has been curious about what her father and his colleagues are developing. But she left that topic well enough alone and decided to be patient. Today, all her questions were going to be answered!

Anna and Kelsea got ready for the launch and headed towards TechnoCorp, her father’s company headquarters. They noticed a crowd swarming the office as they entered the sky-high glass building. Anyone who’s anyone was there. This included employees, investors…read more on NOPR